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and smometimes he comes out of thereCHAPTER 2:

UH OH! "screa,d kat"

she died??

cad removs (removed) removd the paper climp


,movoving tord th house and was the house


she was afrearful.

openigg the door she spoted THE THREE CHEESE PIZZAS

movgg to it she procured the THREE CHEESE PIZZAS, esential to the vital  mission of the

caryig the THREE CHEESE PIZZAS, the thundr cmama and ther was a BIG!!!11!!!111

d a n g e r.


there hw as

a lay down

on the rock


Chapter: 1 - i can't find my bee.

kati was flying awy. her mom rain was having a >> (who?)
as kati was throwing giggles out windo.w  she knew it   and  s he knew i twell.
there'!she exaclaiemd"~ ponting our to the bif tone spot the dog magazines exclusive.
cad came SWIRLING OUT OF THE he"re he comes!" she screame at the top of lung

tooth protrusion

collision occurnec and then they had nothing but a hello! there.
kat was throw cad to the top
they flew to mountain
flew to mountain.

"t's such a large! we cannot be a go of the over" kati screemd as her foot was telling her what she said again through her tonail
"but what about the childreN?" cad said. Kati look over to the down below and saw 38 chile have the climn of up. nothing.
"they're tasty" kati sid but it was not a good one for cad, for cad had a gOOD OLD FASHIONED SEAT BELT. ther it goes.

wOUH " explaimfd joshuwa.  they climbed themounta

"heya gu" screamex scootalal from the top "i have emental"

this is not to be the offensive

this is real yiuff
When i was  klie

there was a amn who showf   me t teh wa y

and i lvoe d  teh way   he made me feell about   mby  

mobab showd me that i was a goood one of htose

and wehn miuchale jackeson   came on ther arion

i new it for suyre taht he came and introduced to me the concept of tigrdusoe;fhtcf'

i paylyed dress up with bill cosbuy

I'm havn trunk being really scare

and they keep throwing it at the wall

and I guess it wasn't not going never beb oth os it was

(1) I just don't like it the you have a good day at the same end of the best way to for the first rest of the year best friend is and how much I love it and the best same thing over to my mom just said the company (2) has a good time with the first place time to get a new one is the best thing about being a girl little good to be a able the same time thing
ewwscromed slover

filTHy FRAnk hbe cridd at the stop Og his lung




his thighs trembld

gabe newell was stare from the ceiling

why vic, r u do thiS IS NOT COOL

poirce the porkchOPS was sing

DO THE GET DOWN WAS have good amazong purchases


scrolln trhough kidzbop he seed thayt vic was twork lik a king some day
ther was a nok on the doorbell

Must Die! statrd for the dor when he foun out his shoe unti

h ws walkin ro the doroblel when aol o he wawl new maIL!

"pls SHU"t up he cried (p 180)

And That Was When The Entire Cat Fell Dowπ

Must Die! reched the doorbell and opNed it.--


Must Die! Was amaz cuz he ar havn lunchtim with dubstap

they all mad childs and ther was salsa

the ednwoa


epoi49399393939393939 was 
hary hors man was sarte out windo

he looke across the watr and crid becuz he ar hav bein that way was bein tire

as th tear was flowed of his eye bals

he sed to himself: pls do not alow themto throw it

he sit3d on the flor now

his tear crying of his face

hary hors was an so anger tht the throw was truWE!

the glass bottle of There is Literally Nothing Wrong With Being Jewish Action Figure from Tonka Toys©

it hitted th wall and shatter into a he was sad

the action figure spiLlELd on the FlOor

no more goobuyu

he did everythin he are could havin and he didbecuze he felled on floor with a mighty 4p38748

the earth shaked undergroudn

the entire sky was fil with paprakeets

and everywher culd u here the sound of roosters mooing
One day, there are was happen and every days aid turkey had fritz cookie

always did he understand that it was time

Rian was prepard to be win, so he pls out his DSR

preparin to hardscoop, Ryan spoted a turky.

the turky was fly and died agano.

fritzy walking up behind Ryan with his blossom nife

about to eat killing time, he throws

outward comes out the ponis, and Ryan slid away from dng

he QUICKSCOPE his buddy fritz man and fritz fall tot he floor crying "I swear to Tina fey you're a BACON SANDWICH"

and then his corpse dissipated, reincarnate into Bobby Flay


was die
Winter, 18037 in the year

volet wander through his Forest of fluttershy

he realized there aren't any marsh mello

he ruined up the montin and scromed why"did he ha get ok fine I"f you can't help

so Volet throw spear and it hit marker on gooby.

gooby is furis

gpoby dressed up as a fox and got naked with the dashes

there, gooby and Volet looked across the upward they see

rising behind monti was Ashton KUTCHER and his dog

litle did Ashton know that it was a noob toob lobby

volet decode he would rocket propel his grenades

voler pulled IT out

shootinf hardcore mode he was ever had because he dicede

as the explosion fill the ear drums, Fluttershy rustled

it was over now

ashton KUTCHER was die in the nearest drinking fountain quenched the thirst.

the end
On day, Ded mouse sayd to his manage: y do thy "su me"?

dosney sud him.

ded mouse put an his bowl of riec

he are was yes for confirmation

pulin out his DSR he aimed it at mockey.

hard scope "he said" I kmowd in my hart that I can't hard scooe

he out down his dsr

he breathed a mighty breathe

jumpin off his Ded house he spinned and spinned

firing off his gn, he missed the stupd Mose by an inc.

the mockey frozen and realize he lat it go, much too soon.

yhe Ded rat rolls bak into his Ded house

mockey took out an tac 45 cuz he's an noob

mockey tried to land an hit marker but the dde mouse was too well

ded mouse followed and jumped off his Ded house

the bullet flyed through the space and hit the mockey

no more su. Ded mouse had winner all thanks giving. UFC are MLG 

One day there have an are because.

butter Foether with sord in hand flew away to 1v1 Twork in klug pengin

evil doctor pepper throw ball out window in order spit    Says king ramen seasoning packet

butter foeather attacked pepper but an en,y remain

moly saurus, the evil Twork.

as moly saurus thoe out window her dairy prodict

she did

foaether finally landed hedshot on evil twork

the final kill cam reveal that i't was a 859 no scope with the Ballista

Butter Foeather saved Christmas


(Inspired by Spikey Wikey and WatchOutDerpy)
I taked long walk in the peak today.

she sed to me

'Why ar you so always..?"

i stare are into eyes and aaid

"I told her:" there are no more soap in the dispenser said I did say

she cried

she home

i Dit too

one day I have got call h my elbow

she said hi

so I didnt

the end
Never written a Journal entry before.

Today I ate pizza.

the end